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Toshiba Certified Pertner

Banyard Telecom are a Toshiba Certified Partner and are able to provide the Sales, Installation and Maintenance of Toshiba equipment for our new and existing customers.
We can now supply Toshiba handsets and accessories direct to our customers via our online catalogue.

Welcome to the Banyard Telecom web site.

Take some time to browse our new online catalogue. Just click on the online catalogue link on the left hand side.

Communication is vital to the operation of every business.

Banyard Telecom is a single source supplier for all business communication requirements and our goal is to provide the best mix of data, voice and Internet technology to meet our customers needs.
We are committed to the continued introduction and support of new technologies to enable our customers to take maximum advantage of future innovations.

Do you have multiple offices? or would you like to work from home?

If so Banyard Telecom can help as we can provide a solution to allow you to have a Voice Over IP Enabled Telephone System in your head office and connect remote workers to your main office securely via the internet.
Basically this means your remote workers will not have to pay for phone calls to and from the office as they will be Voice Over IP (or VoIP) traffic travelling over the internet to and from your office.
This solution may be what you have been waiting for if you travel around the country or even the world, because the Toshiba CIX and CTX have the facility to connect to a PC Soft Phone and this will run on your laptop, so when you are on the move and if you have access to a broadband connection or a broadband hotspot connection you will be able to use your PC Soft Phone to make free calls to the office, even if you are across the other side of the world!

If you think Voice Over IP could benefit your office or company then please click here for more information or to contact us.

Business Broadband from 15.99 per month.

Banyard Telecom are one of the key providers of business broadband services in the UK. With broadband starting from £ 15.99 per month and a wide range of contention ratio's from 50:1 down to 1:1. Click here to find out more.

We also offer IT installation and support so if you are having problems with your existing supplier or you are keen to upgrade your existing system please feel free to call for a quote today.

We now offer VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) and Pure IP office solutions to help save you money.

Would you like to be able to offer your staff the opportunity to work from home or from a remote location without incurring large and expensive phone bills?
Well with a VoIP enables phone system you can as you can connect a VoIP system phone to you office telephone system via the internet or a leased line. This will give your remote or home office worker the same functionality of the office system and all calls between the office and the remote worker are free!


Right news

Free Installation & Maintenance!

Banyard Telecom provide free installation and the first years maintenance with any complete phone system order via this catalogue.
We also provide free delivery on all orders over £500!

Cheap Calls ?

We can also supply BT lines at a reduced price along with cheap phone calls to any destination around the world.

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