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Banyard Telecom - Converged Solutions

For many years the computer and communications industries have been talking about technological convergence. Running voice, data and video communications on one single platform and over the same cables, but the goal was elusive.

Now, with Banyard Telecom, convergence is a reality.

Using ground breaking software from Microsoft, and reliable and stable computer hardware platforms from leading vendors, you can now enjoy the all the benefits that this convergence can provide.

So you can run your voice, data and video communications over one cable infrastructure, providing you with a single platform whether your requirement is LAN or multi site WAN based.

Such converged solutions offer you considerable long term savings. Up until now voice and data communications needed to be managed via technology specific interfaces and separate technical teams.

Banyard Telecom also provide far more flexibility. Allowing personnel to easily and seamlessly move from one site to another or to an off site location.

Banyard Telecom are the best placed supplier to provide your business with IP solutions because we already supply, install and maintain both data and telecommunications solutions and have a highly experienced technical team that have worked across the technologies for many years already.

Because of our early involvement we can demonstrate how Voice over IP works in a business environment and what it can offer your business. We have a fully equipped sophisticated demonstration suite that enable us to test, prove, trial and demonstrate its application for your particular organisation.

Then there are our in house lab facilities. These allow us to test and extend the solutions offered long before we specify or recommend, enabling us to work at the leading edge of the technology whilst always ensuring that the IP solutions that we specify are robust, stable, but also ground breaking.

Our starting point would be to jointly review your existing infrastructure and look at where you can implement IP solutions using your current hardware investment in order to minimise implementation costs. This will enable you to maximise your return on investment and rapidly get all the economies of an IP system working for your organisation.

For further information on our solutions, please call us on 08450 515151 or send an email to

Right news

Free Installation & Maintenance!

Banyard Telecom provide free installation and the first years maintenance with any complete phone system order via this catalogue.
We also provide free delivery on all orders over £500!

Cheap Calls ?

We can also supply BT lines at a reduced price along with cheap phone calls to any destination around the world.

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