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Maintenance from Banyard Telecom

At Banyard Telecom we fully understand the principle of service as being the absolute necessity of keeping vital communications systems working. Few companies can have any chance of operating at all, let alone efficiently, without external communication and for this reason Banyard Telecom have structured their service operation to provide maximum immediate assistance.

Customers will find our Service Desk staffed by experienced operators who are also familiar with basic fault-finding procedures.

32% of all faults reported are cleared directly at the Service Desk level.
In particular, operating errors and minor programming difficulties can be handled with calm, assured advice.

When a service call is indicated, our field engineering force is fully equipped and trained to deal with any situation. Our engineers are selected by us to reflect not only the technical skills required, but also, to work quietly, efficiently and co-operatively within our clients premises. Our engineers are certified by the manufacturers and regularly attend ongoing training. All of these factors allow us a far stricter control of the quality procedure than usually found.

We take responsibility for getting you back on line
If you call us for service and cannot determine whether the fault is with the line provider, or with your equipment, we take responsibility for getting you back on line. As part of our service, we will liaise on line faults with network providers on your behalf until the situation is resolved.

Service options
To cover your requirements, we provide three levels of service.

  • Standard 09:00 - 17:00, Monday to Friday, charged at standard rates
  • Extended 09:00 - 17:00, 7 days a week, charged at standard rates plus 50%
  • Premium 24 hours, 365 days a year, charged at standard rates plus 100%

    Call us now on 08450 515151 for a Free site survey to quote for a Service Agreement.

    Response Times & System Coverage
    Our maximum response times are:

    8 working hours for a major fault (more than 4 extensions out of service or more than 25% of your lines out of service)
    16 working hours for all other faults

    The complete telephone system is covered under the contract for fair wear and tear. All of the telephone system handsets are covered, however any basic telephones are excluded for reasons of cost, in that they are cheaper to replace than to maintain.
    Damage to the system is not covered; this would include lightning, flood damage and power surges.
    These items will be covered under your buildings insurance.

    View our installation procedure - click here to see what we can offer.

  • Right news

    Free Installation & Maintenance!

    Banyard Telecom provide free installation and the first years maintenance with any complete phone system order via this catalogue.
    We also provide free delivery on all orders over £500!

    Cheap Calls ?

    We can also supply BT lines at a reduced price along with cheap phone calls to any destination around the world.

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